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Operational Instructions

On ordering and Checkout (free) you will be provided with a unique Orion Cloud iBox-M Device Serial Number and Claim Code, then input these into your Orion Platform Device configuration page to enable your iBox-M Device Field data points to be added as required.

Non Devices.

Any Node-RED and MQTT capable device such as the Raspberry Pi and similar SBC devices should be compatible with the Orion Cloud Platform. Please email us for advice and support.*

*An Orion Yearly Subscription Plan must be purchased and be active for this support.

Which Subscription Plan Is Good For You.

Datapoints Explained

A Datapoint is usually a building’s real physical field item such as a room temperature sensor or a relay output used to control a light switch On/Off and these field items are in turn connected to a field controller device.

A building can have hundreds of field controller devices and 1000s of field items as part of a Building Management System (BMS) and nearly all BMS use either BACnet or Modbus to communicate via its local LAN.

The iBox can use its own built-in BACnet and Modbus coms to interface with the building’s BMS to monitor and control any of the BMS field Datapoints and in turn send these Datapoints to the Orion Cloud Platform (OCP). The OCP can then be accessed by the end user from anywhere, anytime to monitor, control, store, display graphs and report events of any of the field Datapoints.

For instance, if you needed to monitor a non-critical Room Temperature then the monitoring time could be set to every hour and that would equate to 24 Datapoints/day. This would mean that if you choose the Go Plan subscription, you could easily monitor 40 Room Temperature Sensors without going over the 1000 Datapoints/Day limit.

However, if you needed to monitor a Building’s field Datapoint that was more time critical such as a main pump system failure within 6 minutes to give an Orion Email or an SMS alert, then that would be 10 Datapoints per hour and 240 Datapoints per day. If you had 10 or more of these time critical field equipment then you would be recommended to choose the Orion Gro Subscription Plan at 2500 Datapoints per day.

Please Note: The Orion Subscription Plan’s daily Datapoint limit is reasonably flexible so that you will not miss any important alerts if you are over the daily limit. However, if the datapoint limit is regularly breached then you will be politely advised to upgrade to a more suitable plan.