About ionware

ionware is about making the Internet of Things (ioT) as simple and easy as possible thereby making it fun, especially for young people, hobbyists and makers.

ionware is primarily aimed at being a STEM educational platform from primary school students all the way up to post grad students and even older hobby and maker users.

The ionware.io website, in the coming near future, will add a Learning platform section, complete with lesson plans, video tutorials and projects to showcase the ionware system’s versatility and its endless creative and practical real world applications. So, make sure you subscribe to the newsletter to receive the latest news and updates.

Real world is the key. People are infinitely creative when it comes to solving real world problems rather than contrived ‘busy work’. People learn through ‘doing’ ..

“I hear and I forget.

I see and I remember.

I do and I understand.”


That is not to say that the ionware system is not suitable for real world engineering and industrial applications. On the contrary the ionware ionC1 controller board is manufactured to the highest quality standards as witnessed by the 3 year warranty.

The ionware software is also very rugged and robust as it utilizes probably the most applied and proven software application of Ladder Logic. This makes it easy to construct complex but structured software programs, thereby reducing the high learning curve hurdle of many existing contemporary software languages.

And, of course, who can deny the impeccable reputation and popularity of the amazing Raspberry Pi * range of micro computers and the even more ubiquitous and secure Linux operating system combined with openHAB. When you put all these wonderful systems together then you have an infinite world of learning and creative opportunity for all users.

So grab this opportunity to take back control of your privacy, your security and your learning by using the versatile ionware system to easily design, invent, create numerous devices such as environmentally friendly smart Thermostats, smart Lighting, smart Sprinklers to make your school, your work place and your home, a secure and private place for you, your students and your family.


* Not supplied.