LinkedIn’s Top 10 Emerging Jobs- 8 are Engineering/Computing

LinkedIn’s Top 10 Emerging Jobs
1. Artificial Intelligence Specialist
2. Robotics Engineer
3. Data Scientist
4. Full Stack Engineer
5. Site Reliability Engineer
6. Customer Success Specialist
7. Sales Development Representative
8. Data Engineer
9. Behavioral Health Technician
10. Cyber Security Specialist

STEM wins – Every.Single.Time

Latest USA numbers for Bachelor degrees conferred field of study 2016-2017, Total = 1,956,032 of which less than 300,000 were STEM


iHome Smart Thermostat Now Available!


  • Less than 50% the price of rivals such as Google’s Nest
  • Payback in less than 1 year possible
  • Guaranteed Privacy of your data: You Control your Controls
  • Control from iOS or Android mobile device; Local or Remote
  • Expandable for multi-zones or Rooms
  • Data shows savings of up to 23% on your energy costs
  • Upcycle neglected Raspberry Pi and mobile equipment devices
  • Use as an educational platform, free IBO Design course available
  • Perfect for Homeschooling on any Computer and Cloud related subjects

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