Orion Enterprise IoT Cloud Platform

The Internet of Things – made easy

Orion Cloud Platform Overview

By having one or more Open Source Orion IoT iBox Gateway Devices with BACnet and or Modbus protocols in each building, Building Management Control and Supervision can easily be delegated to Sub-Tenants and end users.

Revenue streams

Unlimited tenants

Give individual tenants access to their Orion cloud platform space with full control, permissions and even their own logo.


Use Orion data analysis action routines to schedule vital equipment maintenance and replacement.

Unlimited Users

There is no limit to the number of users on the ionware Orion Cloud. Users can setup their own Workspaces, Dashboards and Devices etc.

Client Support

Receive alarms and events direct to support team members by email, SMS etc. for immediate rectification and minimum client disruption

Cloud Control

Remote monitor and control from anywhere to reduce site visits and increase valuable workforce productivity. No expensive on-site supervisor needed.

Save Energy

Utilize the Orion Platform to monitor and control energy usage in your property portfolio and interface with energy partners to earn money

See Orion Dashboard Live Demo here

Beautiful Dashboards

Create feature rich dashboards in minutes with our range of dynamic widgets.

Orion Scheduled Reporting

Automatically export the sensor data from all your devices in your Orion Workspaces as a CSV file, either hourly, daily, weekly, or any other frequency. 

The job then packs the data and either sends it automatically by e-mail to any recipient or makes it available as a download on the portal. 




Orion Alert Rules

Set up automated SMS and/or email critical Alarms/Alerts of any field datapoint to multiple receivers using –  

If [condition} Then [SMS/email] Rules.

Include the Datapoint placeholder, allow retriggering option moderated by built in hysteresis setting.

Free Signup

Creating an Orion IoT Cloud workspace has never been easier and it is completely Risk Free!

Each Orion platform device instance includes all the usual awesome features: unlimited users, unlimited workspaces, no per user fees and no field input/output data point limit.

Feel free to signup and explore Orion’s functionality, then subscribe to a suitable plan, receive your device code and unique serial number and you are good to go.

Our vision

Streamlining energy saving solutions

The combination of ionware IBOX and Orion Cloud Platform enables BMS System Integrators and Building Facility Management organisations to easily upgrade their building portfolios to PropTech Smart Buildings status to increase value and create valuable efficiencies.